Monday, December 20, 2010

No Peaks or view Small Peaks in HPLC

No Peaks or view Small Peaks in HPLC
What You Expect                                    What You got

Detector off
Check Detector
Broken connections to recorder
Check connections
No flow
Check flow
No sample/Wrong sample
Check sample. Be sure it is not deteriorated. Check for bubbles in the vials
Wrong settings on recorder or detector
Check attenuation. Check gain

Pump off
Start pump
Flow interrupted
Check reservoirs. Check position of the inlet tubing
Check loop for obstruction or air
Check degasing of mobile phase
Check compatibility of the mobile phase components
Check fittings
Check pump for leaks and precipitates
Check pump seals
Air trapped in the system
Disconnect column and prime pump
Flush system with 100% methanol or isopropanol
Contact servicing if necessary

Prof. Dr. H.J. Chaves das Neves
Universidade Nova de Lisboa 

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